OCACF Groundbreaking Ceremony & New TAIT Project

In a groundbreaking ceremony held on July 29th, the County of Orange Board of Supervisors unveiled renderings and plans in the making for the new Orange County Animal Care Facility (OCACF) located in Tustin, CA. TAIT & Associates will serve as the civil engineer for Snyder Langston, who is responsible for the construction of the new facility.

The animal shelter will cover 10 acres at the former Tustin Marine Corps Air Station, using design features that honor the history of the site while providing a modernized, healthy environment for our animal friends. Continue reading

TAIT’s New Director of Development Services: Jay Washburn

TAIT & Associates, Inc. has joined forces with Jay Washburn, newly hired as the Director of Development Services to help grow and oversee TAIT’s Northern California office in Rancho Cordova. Jay, who brings over 20 years of industry experience, will direct strategic goals for the regional office, with an emphasis on providing comprehensive development services to national private developers, including retail, office, hospitality, multi-family, industrial and residential.

This is a strategic hire we’ve been seeking for quite some time. Jay has a unique skill set that weaves years of hands-on land development experience with a broad comprehensive perspective of our industry. We are excited and honored Jay is joining us,” said President of TAIT & Associates, Rich Tait, of the new hiring decision.

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TAIT Hosts Kindergarten Field Trip in Boise

The TAIT & Associates architectural office in Boise, Idaho was lucky enough to host a few fans from Mrs. Auston’s Lowell Elementary kindergarten class for the day.  The excited kindergarteners visited the office for an educational field trip where they cycled through work stations learning about 3-D modeling, using various instruments to measure and label the interior of a room, and drawing the front elevation of their own houses using drafting tools.  To top it off, they got to dress up as field surveyors for a fun photo op to showcase their new skills.

This is by far the best field trip ever, and I’ve been teaching a long time!” Mrs. Auston said of the day with TAIT.

Brian Liquin, Vice President of TAIT in Boise, shared in praising the event: “Virtually everyone contributed, but Susan (Dillingham) and Ben (Briggs) took the lead on setting it all up and making it educational AND fun. It was a fun and informative way we were able to give back!” Continue reading

Mayor’s Mentoring Program at TAIT

TAIT & Associates’ Santa Ana headquarters office was honored to participate in Anaheim Union High School District’s Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) Mentoring Program in February 2016. With Tom Tait, Mayor of Anaheim and CEO of TAIT, as the host, 12 students from Anaheim High School came to visit the office to hear about what we do, professional histories and advice from TAIT engineers and associates.

A seminar included speeches from Mayor Tait, Trevor Tait, Sr. Project Manager Todd Schmieder, Project Manager David Sloan, and TAIT founder Ken Tait. Afterwards each student partnered with a TAIT mentor to learn more about their position and receive an office tour, followed by our Taco Tuesday lunch.

Our mentors also learned about the impressive high schoolers, who have already accomplished so much as exemplary students. Many upperclassmen have set plans for college and jobs after graduating high school and were eager to hear how the mentors found their own footing on their way to careers at TAIT. Advice given included getting involved through internships and trying new things to grow career skills and explore interests.

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