Brea Transfer Station

During remedial excavation activities at the Brea Transfer Station, a deep zone of soil impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons was discovered in the southern part of the site.  TAIT subsequently assessed the extent of impacted soils, and utilized large-diameter auger borings to remove the impacted soil from the subsurface. TAIT met the client’s goal to remediate the site for future residential development, achieving site closure from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Aboveground Storage Tank Restoration Projects

TAIT Environmental Services, Inc. (TAIT) has restored hundreds of Aboveground Storage Tanks across the nation for various clients.  This adds years to the life of the tanks, which provide fuel for emergency generators to supply backup power for communications and other systems.  This can be done at a fraction of the cost that replacing the tank would cost.

El Dorado County DOT Fuel System

TAIT Environmental Services, Inc. performed fuel system services for El Dorado County Department of Transportation (DOT) in Placerville, CA. These services included installation of fueling dispensers, a new fuel management system, tank monitoring system, AST Piping, ground level fill boxes, and a syphon line. TAIT programmed and started up all systems, in addition to training the client on new features.


Soil Remediation at Former Oil Field Site

TAIT was contracted to perform remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soil to allow for redevelopment as a residential property.  Remedial activities were focused on a limited area near the boundary of the site, and due to space limitations, large-diameter augers were used to extract the impacted soil from depths of up to 60 feet.   All holes were backfilled with cement slurry.  Remediation was completed, and the site was granted closure from the regulatory oversight agency.

CenturyLink Vaulted Tank Inspections

TAIT conducted vaulted tank inspections at remote communications facilities on behalf of CenturyLink.  These tanks provide fuel for backup power systems at locations critical to CenturyLink’s communications network.  Due to the significant terrain, TAIT coordinated air logistics to conduct the mandated inspections.