TAIT Hosts Kindergarten Field Trip in Boise

The TAIT & Associates architectural office in Boise, Idaho was lucky enough to host a few fans from Ms. Auston’s Lowell Elementary kindergarten class for the day.  The excited kindergarteners visited the office for an educational field trip where they cycled through work stations learning about 3-D modeling, using various instruments to measure and label the interior of a room, and drawing the front elevation of their own houses using drafting tools.  To top it off, they got to dress up as field surveyors for a fun photo op to showcase their new skills.

This is by far the best field trip ever, and I’ve been teaching a long time!” Ms. Auston said of the day with TAIT.

Brian Liquin, Vice President of TAIT in Boise, shared in praising the event: “Virtually everyone contributed, but Susan (Dillingham) and Ben (Briggs) took the lead on setting it all up and making it educational AND fun. It was a fun and informative way we were able to give back!”

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