It is our mission to engineer a better future for generations to come.

Tait Office Photo (2 of 13)TAIT’s design and construction philosophy consists of three basic principles: to professionally and competently represent the needs of our clients; to provide our clients with state-of-the-art services; and to maintain an environmentally conscious approach to every project we undertake. This philosophy enables TAIT to create aesthetically and environmentally harmonious projects that provide optimum value to our clients and function to conserve, recycle, and protect our natural resources. At TAIT, we measure success by the quality of the finished product, including design elements, schedule, and cost. This dedication ensures a commitment to the success of each project we undertake.

TAIT Values

  • We conduct our business ethically
    • “We strive to be morally just.”
  • We work hard
    • “We are passionate about what we do for our clients.”
  • We treat others with dignity and respect
    • “That is how we would want to be treated.”
  • We do our jobs safely
    • “We care about the health and well-being of others.”
  • We pursue happiness for ourselves and others
    • “And we don’t forget to have some fun.”

TAIT Goals

  • To completely satisfy our customers
    • “We would not be here without them.”
  • To grow and diversify
    • “We want to create new opportunities for people.”
  • To optimize quality and performance
    • “We strive to be the best of the best.”
  • To protect the environment
    • “For the future of our children.”
  • To promote the entrepreneurial spirit
    • “The best ideas come from within.”
  • To earn a sustainable profit
    • “We need this to accomplish all of the above.”