TAIT Promotes an Outstanding Associate

As TAIT strides forward into the 2015 summer, we congratulate a noteworthy leader who has been promoted to greater authority within the company’s Santa Ana headquarters.  Mr. Greg Fick, Entitlement Manager, is now the Director of Programs.

Greg diligently manages entitlements, permits, and other avenues of pre-engineering for TAIT’s diverse clientele.  An outstanding TAIT associate since 2004, Greg consistently delivers the best results and guides those under his watch to do the same.  He has satisfied the needs of clients ranging from large retail corporations to many cities all over Southern California, successfully broadening TAIT’s horizons in the process.

Commenting on this feat, Rich emphasizes, “Through his hard work and creativity, Greg has led us in diversifying our services in new and profitable areas.”  Under the new mantle of Director of Programs, Greg now has a clearer pathway to grow other opportunities and help TAIT & Associates continue to become the best it can be.

We thank Greg, and all of our associates for their superb work and look forward to TAIT’s rising future.