A New Vice President at TAIT

TAIT has awarded a deserved promotion to an exemplary leader in the company, Brian Liquin, hailing from our Boise office and now a Vice President.  Brian’s dedication and enthusiasm has driven the architecture focused office to great success, and his new authority is a tribute to this service and his tremendous skill set.

Originally a client of TAIT’s with many years of industry experience, Brian made a memorable impression on TAIT’s leaders who first worked with him as he bestowed intelligence, kindness, and superb work ethic, traits highly valued in TAIT’s company culture.  Since joining TAIT in 2006, he’s taken the reins of the Boise office as first a Sr. Project Manager, then Regional Director, managing architectural projects ranging from WinCo Foods Corporate Office Remodel Expansion in Boise to a new FBI Training Range in Anchorage, Alaska.  Brian has consistently put his all into growing TAIT’s architecture group and expanding its clientele over the years.

Rich Tait, President of the company, announced, “He is an outstanding example of our goals and values, and we look forward to him continuing to lead the growth and sustainability of his group and the company as a whole.”  After learning of his promotion, Brian gave thanks and summarized TAIT enthusiastically saying, “We have such amazing, kind, genuine leaders, not to mention the outstanding team of men and women who put their hearts and souls into every hour of every day ‘moving civilization forward’, as Tom (CEO) puts it.”

TAIT congratulates Brian’s new Vice Presidency as we all continue with our work of moving civilization forward.