OCACF Groundbreaking Ceremony & New TAIT Project

In a groundbreaking ceremony held on July 29th, the County of Orange Board of Supervisors unveiled renderings and plans in the making for the new Orange County Animal Care Facility (OCACF) located in Tustin, CA. TAIT & Associates will serve as the civil engineer for Snyder Langston, who is responsible for the construction of the new facility.

The animal shelter will cover 10 acres at the former Tustin Marine Corps Air Station, using design features that honor the history of the site while providing a modernized, healthy environment for our animal friends. The completed OCACF will include more outdoor spaces, such as dog exercise yards and a park-like setting for potential community events, more and larger dog kennels with bowed roofs recalling the site’s blimp hangars, ample natural light and climate controlled environments.  Cat play areas with elevated catwalk play stations will be provided within the two-story, 35,000 square foot administration building.  Portions of the existing concrete tarmac once used by the Marines will be repurposed as the employee parking lot, and water quality treatment features will blend within the site landscaping.

TAIT is providing the back-bone infrastructure and site grading to pave the way for these and other advanced modernizations, helping create the best animal care facility possible for the 14 Orange County cities it will serve.