Harbor Cruise on the TAIT Boat

Celebrating a phenomenal summer so far, TAIT & Associates took a break from the Santa Ana office last Wednesday for a Newport Beach Harbor cruise on the TAIT boat. The crew brought along significant others to share drinks and a stunning sunset on the water with coworkers and friends.

It was a relaxing, fun adventure on “The Good News” that toured for a couple golden hours around the harbor with good music. Rich Tait, President of TAIT & Associates, held the reins as skipper of the boat. He led it a little past the jetty to admire the sea lions posing for their spectators, who were holding on tight in the choppier waters while having a blast. The boat circled back into the calm harbor just in time for us to enjoy the setting sun. Thanks to Trevor Tait, Director of Business Development, and Rich for bringing us together on this memorable summer evening!

Sea Lions