TAIT Boise Kindergarten Field Trip

The TAIT Boise office was happy to welcome another kindergarten class field trip from Lowell Elementary! Ms. Auston brought the new kindergarteners to learn about Architecture and Engineering from our Boise office experts. The TAIT team taught the children a few techniques for drawing, measuring, 3D drafting and surveying, introducing them to the field with some fun hands-on experience.

“I guarantee our crew gained more from these future engineers, architects, tradespeople, leaders and innovators than anything else!” said Vice President, Brian Liquin, who helped set up the day’s activities with the rest of the team.

The kids got to take home gift bags of gear and wore their new construction hats to pose for pictures, including one taken by a drone. TAIT is proud to teach these little ones what we do and spark their interest in helping to build the world around them. Until next time!