2018 TAIT Management Event

TAIT kicked off the beginning of 2018 with our annual management meeting to come together, celebrate successes, and plan for the future. Managers and directors from across TAIT offices, spanning from California to Texas, met at the headquarters in Santa Ana and went on to the main event held at the Santa Ana Country Club.

During the meeting, leaders talked about the values, culture and goals the company has both met and wants to continue growing in the coming years. A major theme was the way TAIT prides itself on having a “small company culture and big company expertise.”

Vice President Trevor Tait, emphasized that this quality “allows us to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and provide outstanding customer service…It allows us to attract and retain the highest quality associates.” Addressing associates, he added, “You are here because of your creativity, your passion, your integrity and your talent. You are here because we believe in you…We want you to thrive here.” TAIT is looking forward to thriving in the New Year and beyond!