Student Mentoring Event at TAIT

In March 2018, TAIT & Associates’ Santa Ana office was happy to participate again in Anaheim Union High School District’s AIME Mentoring Program. Twelve students from Anaheim High School came to visit the office to hear about what we do and career advice from TAIT engineers and associates.

Topics discussed included what a civil engineer is; the positive change civil engineers can make; the process of engineering from concept to construction; benefits of being a civil engineer; and having pride in your work. Many of the upperclassmen students are interested in engineering and were eager to hear how TAIT associates found their way to careers at TAIT within the engineering field. One of TAIT’s project engineers, Chris Engelbach, was a top mentor during the event and enjoyed talking to the students about a day in the life of an engineer and how he got here. Chris said of the event:

“It’s beneficial to be exposed to as much as possible so you can decide for yourself what you enjoy. I’m continually impressed by the students I meet with and their willingness to seek out knowledge, and I encourage them to ask questions and reach out to us if they need help in the future.”

TAIT thanks the students for visiting and we hope the conversations had help them find the path to what they are passionate about in engineering and beyond!