TAIT Acquires California Hazardous Services

TAIT is pleased to announce that California Hazardous Services (Cal Haz) has joined the TAIT family of companies and will now operate as a division of TAIT Environmental Services. Like us, Cal Haz is a family business and has built an incredible reputation in the fueling industry over its 35-year history. Cal Haz adds decades of experience, new service lines, and expert technicians to our team, and we are now able to offer all our clients new services including fuel filtering and tank cleaning, as well as hazardous waste management services.

TAIT is an industry leader in the compliance, repairs, and maintenance of Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks.  We routinely perform over 10,000 instances of testing, inspections, and repairs on fueling systems throughout the country each year, and the addition of Cal Haz allows us to better serve our clients’ needs nationwide.

Please visit TAIT.com/environmental to learn more.