TAIT’s 60th Anniversary!

This year, TAIT marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey by celebrating our 60th anniversary! Our story is one of a spirit of entrepreneurism and kindness that begins with our founder, Ken Tait. From the very beginning back in 1964, TAIT’s focus has been working alongside our clients to address their needs and challenges, and to solve their toughest problems. The trust and relationships we’ve built over the years are what we value most, and we’re grateful for the role each member of our team, past and present, has played in our story.

As we look forward, we’re motivated by the legacy we’ve built and by the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We’re committed to continuing our work with integrity, excellence, and a focus on sustainable solutions that benefit the communities we serve.

We will be celebrating our history in a series of posts throughout this year that take us back to our founding, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading. Cheers to 60 years and more to come!