FAA New Orleans

FAA New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
Project Description

Our customer was given 5 underground tank removal/replacement jobs at the New Orleans airport. We were geared up for an early year start, but TAIT and the customer wanted a geotechnical survey performed prior to putting bid numbers and a work plan together since the site is less than a mile from the Mississippi River levee and notorious for flooding. The FAA had to get airspace approval for the survey, pushing back the start date to mid-year.

TAIT’s services included: Shoring the excavation for UST removal because of soil conditions, proximity to existing structure and entry to excavation for compaction testing, building a custom support system to brace the shoring walls due to poor soil conditions, backfill in 12″ lifts with compaction testing on each lift, driving 50′ timber piles in the excavation area (while monitoring vibration levels and driving blows) for the new pad to rest on, installing custom engineered rebar bracing for the concrete pad and installing flexible connectors in the product piping chase and conduit to allow for settling.