Tait at 2018 Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo

TAIT Environmental Services, Inc. is excited to be exhibiting at the 2018 Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo (SWEXPO18) on May 9-11 in San Antonio, Texas. If you are attending, please visit our us at Booths 355 and 357.

We would like to offer a major discount to pre-ordering the Texas Class A&B UST Operator Training Course, which is being updated with the new Texas regulations. The course will be available in later May or early June, but you can pre-order at ½ price! Use the discount code SWEXPO18 to get the course at $75 per student (original retail price of $150).

Attending the Event Will Be

Booth 355

Jim Streitz
Chief Operating Officer
P: 714-560-8696  E: jstreitz@tait.com

Eric Hammer
Director of Construction
P: 469-709-2203 E: ehammer@tait.com

Booth 357

Andy Tait, PE
Director of Training & Environmental Consulting
P: 469-709-2201  E: atait@tait.com

Tori Bates
Training Administrator and Safety Manager
dir:  469-709-2202 E: tbates@tait.com

Online Training Courses:

Existing Texas Class A&B UST Operator Training Course
The Texas Class A&B UST Operator Training Course has been improved and is only 2 hours long. The training is specific to the TCEQ’s regulations for Texas and consists of 7 lessons. At the end of the training with successful completion, students will be able to immediately print their TFFA Certificate of Completion.
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Texas Class C UST Operator Training Course
The Texas Class C UST Operator Training Course trains Class C UST Operators. The Class C operator is an employee and is, generally, the first line of response to events indicating emergency conditions. This individual is responsible for responding to alarms or other indications of emergencies caused by spills or releases from UST systems. This individual notifies the Class B or Class A operator and appropriate emergency responders when necessary.
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Updated Class A/B UST Operator Training
Pre-order this course using the SWEXPO18 coupon code to receive the SWExpo18 discount on the new 2018 TFFA Class A and Class B UST Operator Course – online. You will be enrolled and updated when the course has been released. Expected release: June 2018.
Updated A/B Course